Outlook 2007: Import contacts - Here's how

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Outlook 2007: Import contacts - Here's how

import contacts from an address book in Outlook 2007

Matching file formats for Outlook 2007

If you want to import your contacts in Outlook 2007, you have basically two different file formats to choose from.

  • For one, you can import your "Personal Address Book" from older versions of Outlook. Up to Outlook 2007 all contacts in the "Personal Address Book" Outlook saved as pab file, which can be found by default in your Windows user folder under "Local Settings", "Application Data", "Microsoft" and "Outlook". Since Outlook 2007 your contacts as almost all data from Outlook in a "personal folders" (PST) are stored, you could also import may in Outlook if you have reinstalled as Outlook of 2007.
  • Secondly, you also have the option to import a vcf file. This is a so-called "vCard", ie an electronic business card, which include, among other things, addresses and so can be imported into contact management applications such as Outlook of 2007. If you should have, for example, an iPhone, you might be exported as a vCard via iCloud your address book, and then insert this in Outlook of 2007.

Import contacts with Outlook 2007

To import your contacts in Outlook 2007, you must perform a few steps.

  1. Open for first Outlook of 2007.
  2. Select the top left in the menu under "File" at the bottom of the entry "Import / Export".
  3. Now you have several options to choose to import your contacts. Use for either the entry "VCARD file (VCF)" or the "from another program ..." and continue by clicking "Next".
  4. If you have "VCARD file" selected, will open a new window in which you need to open your vcf file. When selecting "From other programs ..." must then "Personal Address" choose "Next" button, select the appropriate pab file, and again on "Next".
  5. Make your contacts are imported, you can exit the window by clicking "Finish" afterwards.
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