Oven - Explanations

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Oven - Explanations

Let the many signs on the oven does not confuse.

The art mystery oven

  • In a conventional oven model, you have the choice of various types of baking. Depending on whether you want to do, for example, only a flat sheet cake, prepare a crunchy casserole or baking want several things at once, different programs are needed.
  • By program selection can be set in the first place, from where does the heat in the oven. Ordinary ovens have both upper and bottom heat. This means that the oven both the top and bottom has heating coils and you can choose if you heat only from above - need or both of the top and bottom - that top heat - only from below - with the bottom heat. This always depends entirely on the particular court.
  • Top heat is for example particularly good if you want to bake casseroles crunchy while lower heat is suitable for baking flat things like a simple sheet cake. However, the combination of upper and lower heat is suitable for most dishes, and if you are not sure with your choice, this is sometimes often the best solution.
  • In addition, in the oven a small propeller is integrated. If you choose this, the hot air is swirled evenly throughout the oven. This is called convection and it is particularly suitable if you want to simultaneously bake two dishes at different tracks and need a uniform heat distribution.
  • Last but not least, there is the grill function. Here also comes very hot air from the top, which you - as the name suggests - can prepare wonderful grills in the oven, where the crust is so crunchy like a real BBQ.

Explanations made easy

  • The symbols of the oven is very simple and almost self-explanatory. Also actually have all furnaces the same symbols - so you do not need a new equipment to deal with a new symbols.
  • The characters, which you use with security most often, is the combination of upper and lower heat. This is characterized by two parallel horizontal lines, symbolizing the heat from above or below.
  • Accordingly, the mark for top heat only the upper horizontal line and the bottom heat for the lower bar.
  • The function of convection is characterized by a small propeller and the grill by a horizontal row pointing down spikes. The grill function works with convection - if you want to grill on several tracks simultaneously. You can now probably already thinking: The Grill ventilated function is characterized by the angular line and the propeller.
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