Overview of the euro coins

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Overview of the euro coins

A collection of euro silver coins will quickly become confusing.

Overview of the coins

Make getting familiar with the euro coins, in order to gain an overview of currency and coins.

  • The coins were the first in January 2002 the official currency. The mints began in 1999 with the embossing. Some of the coins bear a date stamp, which dates back to the time before the introduction. The kits, sold as a first edition, are sought-after collectors' items.
  • Currently there are Euro coins from 19 countries belonging to the European Union in circulation. Furthermore, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican put on these coins. These states do not belong to the European Union.
  • Some of the coins are for collectors of particular interest. The euro coins of Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City, minted before 2010 are rare. The number of coins minted this time is not sufficient to satisfy the collector market. From 2010, the Currency Commission allows higher quantities. Andorra did not occur until 2012, the monetary union and started in December 2014, with the issuance of euro coins.
  • The one and two-cent coins from the Netherlands and Finland have rarity value, because you are not in circulation. Countries characterize this only to provide complete sets of coins for collectors. These coins are interesting as only euro coins used coins.

Euro coins have a collector value series

As circulation coins denote collector coins, which are as a payment method in the traffic. You have up to the mentioned one and two cent coins no collector value.

  • Kursmünzensätze contain of each denomination of coins of a country with a copy. A Coin set is a loose assortment of coins. They each contain a one-, two-, five-, ten, twenty and fifty cent coin and one input and two-euro coin. These sets are almost no interest to collectors.
  • The so-called starter kit is special and has a collector's value. As the first of January, 2002 in twelve countries in the euro official currency was needed citizens immediately Euro coins. The previous national currency was invalid with immediate effect. The banks sold off the currency changeover starter, which contained all the coins. The exact number was different in the States. In Germany, the kit containing 20 coins with a nominal value of 10.23 euros, which was sold for 20 German marks. The kits have only a collector's value, if you are originally sealed in the output bag.
  • Kursmünzenserien consist of a complete set of a currency. The output is usually not a central bank, but a private, governmental body. In Germany it is the Federal Office for Central Services and Unresolved Property Issues / Sales Agency for Collector Coins of the Federal Republic of Germany (VfS). The coins of the series are no special coins. Apart from the normal coins there are the better quality mirror finish. This quality is embossed with a polished stamp. Each series is welded into a foil and attractively decorated to a theme. You have a set, if you have the spending of all mints of a series.

Sonderprägungen collectables

The special or commemorative coin is equivalent to a special stamp, which is usually not as cash in circulation. It was issued by a central bank and is suitable to the face value as currency.

  • Two euro collector coins are special or commemorative coins, which have like all Euro coins a European unified front. The back is provided with the special coins with a different motif than circulation coins. These coins you get in normal or in high-quality minting qualities. A series includes the collector coins of all mints belonging to a topic. You get the series usually in well-designed blisters (transparent packaging).
  • In addition to these coins there are in the countries different collector coin with a nominal value of ten, twenty and hundred euros. These coins of the issue price and the value is significantly higher than the nominal value. Although they are legal tender, but do not come into circulation. A 100-euro coin of gold has an issue price of 500 euros.
  • The Europa Star series consists of silver or gold coins, which are published annually by several countries on a topic. About this series in 2004 agreed for the first time in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and Spain. Today also Ireland is one of them. The coins can be recognized by an impressed oval that consists of the Euro symbol and a star. In some years, more countries to participate in the series. The joint series, the flood of different silver coins to be curbed and the market for collectors manageable.

Tips for collecting series

In series, the coins are sealed in a blister. For storage up boxes or albums are with cases. not punching them the blister in order to adhere to an album. The aim is to get a complete set.

  • Opt for coin for a country and a theme, for example, collector coins 2012 Federal Republic of Germany. Try to get the series all mints in different minting qualities. Expand the target on all coin sets a year from all countries. not get bogged down in.
  • Apart from the official series, there are assortments of private providers. Do not take this on in the collection. The range is confusing and of little value.
  • Do you want to collect series of two-euro collector coins, you opt for a publication. Try to get all series of the year in all minting qualities from all countries.

Create a Collection of Einzelmünzen

Here you have two euro commemorative coins, silver or gold coins and Euro Star. You need Coin albums or boxes in which the coins are protected. In addition, gloves are necessary because you are not allowed to touch with your hands the coins. The goal is to buy all coins of annual cycle from all countries.

  • Decide what value and what year you want to collect. In Europastern you opt for a theme (vintage). An example would Europastern "European Explorers" (2011).
  • There are ten different coins. The two-euro commemorative coin of 2011 include 16 different coins, of which you need some more than once because they exist from different mints. In the two-euro coin collectors quickly lose track.
  • You may sort the coins of a vintage one by the output states or by the date of issue in the subjects of the album.

For beginners, it is advisable to collect Kursmünzensätze or Europastern. Since the offer is manageable, you build no problems a complete set. At Mint, the additional information on the blisters is interesting. The storage of welded coins is simple.

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