overwinter goji berry correctly

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overwinter goji berry correctly

Goji berries taste good and look pretty.

Winterizing Gojipflanze

The plant survives in open countryside in winter without any protection, so you can hibernate your shrub in the garden. He is very frost-resistant and can withstand temperatures down to minus 25 degrees. Young goji berries, which you have set only just in the garden, however, need winter protection.

In addition, you can freeze the plant in a pot. You need to protect the root area in planters with cold.

Note the following:

  • Only Mature goji berries, which are more than two years in the garden, do not need winter protection.
  • A thick layer of leaves or mulch protects young plants from frost.
  • Protect the root portion of potted plants by film or nonwoven.
  • Also make bucket with the plants in a sheltered place.

Care of the goji berry

The bushes are unpretentious and easy to maintain. But Do not buy wild forms if you want to reap abundant fruits. Good breed forms are Big Life Berry and Berry Sweet Life

Care of Gojipflanze




Sunny and warm

planting distance

2 m

Roots form offshoots, a Rhizomsperre makes sense.


No special requirements

Compost at planting in the soil incorporated.

planting time

April May

planting depth

Rootball dig 30 cm deep.

to water

After setting give a lot of water.

Later in drought watering once a week.


In spring give compost.


In spring and autumn

leave only 5 drives.

Cut the branches to 50 cm length.

Shoots must not touch the ground, because the plant otherwise wild.


No winter protection necessary


Seeds, cuttings, layers


Mildew, when the plant is not cut enough.


For too long branches on poles tie up.

Interesting information about the Bush

The goji berry is also known by the name wolfberry. The Bush reached in a very short time a height of two to four meters. The shrubs tend for naturalizing, a branch that touches the ground, gets a few days roots.

From June form violet flowers on the bush and from August are red or orange yellow Gojibeeren it. If you do not protect it with a network of birds, you will hardly have some of the berries. Harvesting this end of August or early September, if you are sweet and slightly soft.

Goji berries can be eaten fresh, dry or freeze. Dried berries are good for a cereal. If you want, you can process into juice or jam the berries as well.

The berries are considered healthy and are used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for the treatment of various diseases. The fact is, they are rich in antioxidants, carbohydrates, fiber, proteins, lutein and zeaxanthin. The last two substances are good for the eyes. But carrots and other red fruits are just as healthy.

Look forward to the beautiful shrubs and the taste of the berries. A miracle cure does not grow in your garden, but a shrub, you can easily spend the winter and maintain.

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