Package card from DHL - so you create the online franking

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Package card from DHL - so you create the online franking

Create a DHL parcel map online

With the DHL parcel map frank your shipment as a package. This is therefore automatically insured and can be tracked via the tracking number. Thanks to the possibility of online franking, you can save time and money.

Create package card online

  1. To get the lower amount of the package card, you need to create these online on the website of DHL. First select the desired size of the package from. When you select the question mark, appear more information regarding the insured amount and size of the package.
  2. Do not forget to change the country if you want to ship the package internationally. Now enter the data of the sender and recipient. By clicking "add to cart" automatic address verification is performed. If data has been changed, you have to confirm it again.
  3. Now enter your data for the bill. Choose the method of payment and click "Create". It opens a new window. Here you have the possibility to first perform a test print before printing the parcel stamp.

Charge on DHL

  1. Now that you have created the package card for a package that is to be sent by DHL, cut it out and glue them to the mission. The section with the consignment number, you keep. This allows you to monitor your parcel per shipment tracking.
  2. With a stamped package you are now independent of opening times of stores. You can now also make the package boxes of DHL this mission.
  3. You need no further proof of posting, making a delivery in the store easily and quickly. With the shipment document, you can make a claim even when damaged, as can be understood about this, that the consignment has been proposed.
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