Packing list for summer holidays by the sea

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Packing list for summer holidays by the sea

Enjoy a summer holiday by the sea.

A seaside summer may be beautiful, but only if you do not forget the half at home. A packing list helps to avoid this.

What you need for summer holidays by the sea

  • Before traveling in the summer, you should inquire how the temperatures in the resort this time of year are average. How warm is the day? How cold are the nights? What is the probability of rain? The answers to these questions will help you in packing list.
  • For the day you should pack light clothing in order to be able to change every day enough. Even if you spend the most time on the beach, you are but one or two times a restaurant or a supermarket visit, where dress is required.
  • For the evening, you need clothing that is either comfortable as sweatpants and sweaters, or chic clothing if you want to visit the clubs of the resort. For a week should be enough comfortable and chic clothing three times again.
  • If you want daytime pursue any trips or sporting activities, you definitely need also sporty clothes with sturdy shoes.

Complete the packing list

  • In addition to T-shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, thin jackets, sportswear and sturdy footwear, you will also need shoes for Leaving and shoes for the beach.
  • A swimsuit, bikini or bathing suit may, as well as plenty of towels, also not missing. A pair of sunglasses or a sun hat also protects the eyes from bright light.
  • Sunscreen, Après lotion, shower gel, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, a comb or a brush and possibly a hair dryer you should also pack.
  • In order not to get bored during summer vacation on the sea, you should also pack things for entertainment. Books, music, magazines, beach games, pen and pad, cameras and similar utensils must therefore necessarily be on the packing list.

Before driving in the summer by the sea, you should then check your packing list again. Also remember money, passport, tickets, booking communication, debit card or credit card. Have fun on vacation!

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