Paint - Flowers succeed so splendidly

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Paint - Flowers succeed so splendidly

Flowers are a beautiful Malmotiv.

A colored Sommerstrauß in airy watercolors or a vibrant Herbstvase are painted in warm tones of copper and gold in oil wonderful motives for flower pictures that you will last a lifetime.

Start with the painting - sketching outlines

  • Sketch first with thin pencil or charcoal strokes the outline of your flowers. It is not so much on detail to the rough division's enough.
  • If this outline sketch is not the confidence to proceed as follows: Photographing your subject and print the photo in the right size. Then take a tracing paper and breaks through the outline of the main flowers and leaves. Now place a carbon paper to your painting surface, about the tracing paper and pull the durchgepausten lines by using a pencil and firm pressure. So you have transferred your subject in the correct proportions and can start painting.

Shaping the Flowers

Now you can upload your picture with the matching colors embellish color.

  1. Provide in addition, the flowers, the leaves and the background with a thin layer of paint and paint with light sweeps over a large area from the games - you can assess whether your composition is balanced.
  2. Deepen now the color scheme and paying attention to highlights and shadows. Continue this for as long until your image gained dimensionality.
  3. Now you can add the details and details and continue to work on the color simultaneously. Paint Stamps and stamens of the flower and the leaf veins of the foliage with sweeping brushstrokes; however meticulously painted details spoil the airy character of the flower image.
  4. Then step back a few steps, turn his back to your picture and look at it in a mirror. The laterally reversed view shows you immediately where your composition is perhaps a little unbalanced. Are you taking any final corrections before you deepen the shadows and paint with white paint highlights on the brightest areas of the flowers and leaves.

If your finished image now varnish and frame fit, you have a beautiful wall decoration which the fragrance and beauty of fresh flowers in every season brings into the house.

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