Paint on aluminum - you should note

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Paint on aluminum - you should note

Colors make everything nice - also aluminum.

What color is suitable for aluminum

  • The way a color is determined by their solubility. A color that has to be diluted with chemical substances, requires a different treatment as a water soluble. Do you therefore all components of the color composition on only one of these systems from a mixing usually leads to disaster.
  • Depending on the load on the aluminum surface, you should decide whether a one-component paint is sufficient or whether you use a 2-component paint for more frequented areas. This is more resistant and durable.

To prepare for painting aluminum

  1. Even at the touch of the hand can feel the slightly soapy feeling that conveys the surface of aluminum. It's a really poor substrate for all kinds of colors. First, therefore, you need to clean the surface thoroughly. A fat-dissolving detergent, dilution and silicone remover are good resources.
  2. Then you should roughen the clean sheet with a fine-grained sandpaper. A grain size of 500 to 1,000 is recommended. Coarser grits leave undesirable marks that need to be filled again. After sanding the surface clean again from sanding dust.

So color comes on to the aluminum

  1. Only very special, designed for aluminum, color can be processed pure. Safe is the structure through the use of a primer. Look here on the compatibility of the primer with the provided paint. Coating the workpiece within the first 4 hours after grinding, so that no oxide can form.
  2. Let it dry well the primer and sand the layer again slightly. Then apply several thin coats in the paint. the layer must dry for enough intermediate steps, otherwise there will be "snotty". necessary skill, you will compensate a flawless surface for the effort.
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