Paints and varnishes - so protect yourself when Yourself against toxic substances

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Paints and varnishes - so protect yourself when Yourself against toxic substances

Paints and varnishes can cause allergies.

If you are renovating your home, you will sooner or later with paints and coatings in contact. Many of them smell very pungent, but also the odorless paints and varnishes may be harmful.

To protect themselves against chemical substances

  • If you are working with paints and lacquers, make sure you open the windows in each room. Thus, the toxic vapors escape into the same. Leave the room and ventilate well before you sleep in it.
  • Toxins can be absorbed through the skin. Therefore, enter best gloves or protective clothing. These protect both your clothes from paint splashes.
  • Wear a respirator to breathe in the fumes directly.
  • Wear goggles protect you from that you spray the paint or varnish in the eyes.
  • Use paint spraying systems. These are filled with the color and then applied by means of a compressor as with an airbrush onto the wall. This method has the advantage that you can work faster and lands not so much paint on you or the floor.
  • You can alternatively use any products with the Blue Angel or buy paints, which are suitable for toys. These are usually nontoxic. Unfortunately, there is not much choice.

Therefore, paints and lacquers are harmful

  • Paint or varnish splashes on the skin can cause a rash. If some of the paint or paint gets on your skin, wash immediately thoroughly.
  • The inhaled vapors may cause nose bleeds and allergy sufferers can get far problems that the bronchi constrict. This can then lead to an asthmatic attack. Proceed immediately in this case in the fresh air and if there is not better to see a doctor.

Paints and varnishes can allergies cause serious problems precisely. For healthy people they are also harmful in the long run.

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