Pampers - so you diaper your baby optimally

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Pampers - so you diaper your baby optimally

Fresh diapered feels your baby at home. Erhard_Ruhland / Pixelio

Get an optimal space for diapers

Just as young and inexperienced mother you should first prepare everything well and create the optimum conditions to diaper your baby accordingly optimally.

  • Decide on what place you always want to diaper your baby at home. You can set a special changing table that is tailored to your needs. Alternative method, it can also be a diaper, for example, space create on a desk. It is important that you have enough space and your baby can not fall down.
  • Accessorise the diaper area with a soft padded, washable pad. So your baby will be transported at the same time it is not bad, if something goes wrong from the small business that can just happen frequently in very young babies.
  • Think about whether you want to install a heat lamp over your diaper Place. This has the advantage that your baby does not freeze in the winter and you can use it even let longer struggle freely without fear that it might catch cold. Quite small babies can also not hold themselves their body temperature. A heat lamp they help defend against a possible cooling. In addition, most babies feel under a heat lamp very well. but Always make sure to install the lamp at the proper height. With a too low position of the air can cause dangerous burns.
  • Put all the utensils you need for diapers - including Pampers - a handy place near your diaper Place. To be able to work quickly, without having to search.

Pampers diapers are even

Whether you are using Pampers diapers or another brand - you have a correct technique when diapers apply to diapers for your baby perfectly:

  • Put your baby in the center in front of him on the changing pad, pull out the bodysuits and open the body. Slide this also at the back as far upward so that it does not come into contact with the diaper area.
  • Now open the Pampers and raise it carefully. Ensure that your baby might at this moment urine discharges because of the cold stimulus stimulates the desire to urinate often only at. In such a case you should put the Pampers as protection again about your baby's tummy, so that it can still collect urine.
  • Does your baby eingekotet, you can already wipe the coarsest contamination with Pampers.
  • Now take oil wipes on hand and clean the diaper area thoroughly. There must be no Restkot remain in the skin folds, as this irritates the delicate skin of your baby unnecessarily.
  • Then tighten the use Pampers under your baby out and roll this one.
  • Now enter some Wundschutzcreme on the diaper area and creams such an order.
  • Use for skin folds something linola fat-N Ointment. This nourishes the skin particularly well and protects against irritation caused by friction.
  • It's a good trick, something Penaten cream around the anus to apply and subsequently easily be covered with baby powder. So the Penaten cream stays on your baby's skin and does not stick the Pampers.
  • Now take fresh Pampers, open them and place them well below your baby.
  • Now drag this between the legs of your baby through and fold it over the abdomen.
  • Fold the sides of the Pampers gelichmäßig to the sides down and close the diaper with the adhesive strips that are located at the rear diaper edge. Please make sure that you close this tape evenly toward the center, because only then sit the Pampers optimally and prevents leakage.
  • Pull the cuff on the legs neatly outwards and recheck the fit of the diaper.
  • Now you can put your baby back. Fresh diapered it will feel very comfortable.
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