Pampers: T-shirt - so you order the free shirt

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Pampers: T-shirt - so you order the free shirt

A T-shirt with the date of birth is a beautiful memory.

Since you as a freshly baked or expectant mom certainly want to have everything for your baby, there are of Pampers from and to the opportunity to receive a T-shirt with the dates of birth of your baby. You should be aware of some things.

To get the T-shirt of Pampers

  • In the hospital you get mostly to birth a "welcome pack" with various free articles.
  • Look in your package, whether it is an order form for a Pampers T-shirt.
  • Located at a map, you can kindly check with the ward nurses or midwives, whether any such cards on the station are still present.
  • Fill in the card right away into the hospital, since you have to do normally at home many ways and things that are more important.
  • Enter your child's information and data into the map.
  • On some stations you can drop the card directly at the sisters this notification as a bulk order.
  • After a few weeks you get sent to the T-shirt.
  • The shirts are however only in one size of 78/80 available, but in most cases the mothers want things anyway keep as a souvenir.

If you get a map

  • If you get a map, so you can certainly ask friendly and portray that when you came with no registration card in Pampers.
  • Sometimes it is also possible when recording via e-mail with the printing contact, so you the shirt will be sent.
  • Please consider both possibilities, that the request is only possible within the first 4 to 6 weeks of life of the child.

If you did not receive T-shirt from Pampers, do not be too sad. There are now many online print shops, where you can customize a shirt with the data, and perhaps with a photo of your newborn child.

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