Panasonic: start the search - how it works at the TV

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Panasonic: start the search - how it works at the TV

All TV channels available? TiM_Caspary / Pixelio

The search for televisions from Panasonic allows you to leave the stations automatically, instead of having to search for these tedious manual. You can just start.

The Panasonic-scan

  • The search for televisions from Panasonic has to have the advantage of automatically search all receivable stations. Additionally, you can also perform manual corrections to the settings of the transmitter, if this were not optimal found on automatic search run due to reception problems. Start can search through the menu on your TV, in which you can take the Setup button on your remote.
  • For some devices from Panasonic, the search is then in the sub-item "Setup", some people have the corresponding function in "Tuning Menu" or "Settings" can be found. Then, to start the search, select the tab labeled "DVB-S Tuning".
  • Here you find different options. The decisive point is the "Update channels" to start the scanning of your Panasonic TV. After you select the appropriate function, starts the scan and can take up to several minutes to complete.

Problems start the search

  • If you can not start the search at your Panasonic TV, then can cause a connected AV device. In this case, you can alternatively use the search, which is available on the appropriate device - regardless of your TV.
  • If the transmitter found is not arranged by the search for your Panasonic TV as you like it, you can start a manual re-order. At this point you reach the "DVB-S Tuning" when you enable the channel list. There, all channels can be sorted as desired.
  • If the search for your Panasonic TV repeatedly not start, this may be due to reception problems. Broadcasters are therefore not received with sufficient quality to programmed with they can. Otherwise, a defect in the product may be the cause, especially when your TV goes off during search.

Thus, it is not difficult to set the channel on your Panasonic device over the scan. You can restart again when new channels are added or old ones no longer be received.

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