paper with glass fabric - so succeeds's

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paper with glass fabric - so succeeds's

Glass fabric is often installed in offices.

The difference between conventional wallpaper and glass fabric, also called glass fiber wallpaper, is that the rollers are considerably larger. Such a role has a width of 1 m and a length of 25 m, as a rule. They are thus also difficult also because of its tissue.

Glass fabric is processed differently from ordinary wallpaper

  1. You have to make the first thing that your walls are in a clean, smooth and absorbent state. Only then will you achieve an optimum result.
  2. Then measure your surfaces and cut your webs needed to. Enter in each lane 10 cm drop.
  3. Now stir the paste by default on. Note that you must not use a normal wallpaper paste here. There is special glue for glass fabric.
  4. The special thing about fiberglass is that not the wallpaper, but the wall must be pasted here. After that, place the tracks in the bed of adhesive a, flick smoothly with a wallpapering brush, cut up and down the additions using a wallpapering bar and a cutter knife. Then press the glass fabric with a plastic spatula firmly against the wall of.
  5. Make further that please stick to the tracks only on impact and non-overlapping. This would result by the amount of tissue to be ugly bulges.
  6. If you have so glued all your walls and your glass fabric has dried completely (which may, after all, up to 2 days last), mix on a primer of water, some glue and the color then used.
  7. This primer Now sweep the entire surface. Even though this has dried, you can paint your glass fabric. Most here are necessary two coats.
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