Parental Control for the pond

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Parental Control for the pond

Kids love water and can drown even in small ponds.

Parental lock of ornamental waters

Without Parental Control a garden pond can even cause you to be as pond owners to a convicted offender. Anyone who has a garden pond, is liable for the safety of this building. This liability also applies to persons who have illegally come to the pond, so if children have invaded your garden.

You must make the pond so kids sure no one can at the waters happened. This is possible in various ways. Fence your property a when the only concern is to prevent strangers from the pond. Otherwise you remain the ways the basin to be surrounded by a fence, this cover with a grid or to fill it with rocks.

fence land or pond

If you have children yourself, it makes sense, the entire area to be surrounded by a fence. This measure is difficult and expensive because of the fence must be firmly anchored. Depending on the community, it is, however, often not allowed to build a high fence on the plot.

An alternative is that you fence off the pond. Since it comes in the first place, keep smaller children, a fence is enough of one meter. This must be so dense that even small children can not squeeze through.

A good solution is a plug-fence you to post, stuck a foot deep in the ground, anchor. Installation is easy, simply press the elements in the earth. Concreting is not required.

Be sure to purchase a fence with vertical bars without cross-struts. This can not climb over children. Important: Do not use climbing aids to be close or can be dragged by children there. From a chair, the world looks different and also a two-year child can reach the pond.

Cover with a lattice

Cover the pond with an iron mesh from which is best rings anchored a few centimeters above the water surface around the pond in the ground. Plants from the pond to grow through the grid, so that it is barely visible. Children can fall only on the grid, not in the pond.

However, the grid hinders the maintenance of the pond. It is not possible to remove or to remove dead leaves of plants diseased fish.

fill tanks with stones

Fill large stones in the pond, which partly partly just peaking just below and above the water surface. So your garden pond is technically in a puddle, in which no one can drown. Visually these Parental Control changes the pond in any way.

Since in the basin are almost exclusively stones, a planting is not possible. Fish feel between the stones also not well, because there is no room for swimming. This method is useful only for small ponds, for large bodies of water you need too many stones.

Overview of safeguards

pond assurance




fence Land

secures the whole garden

expensive, not allowed anywhere

fence pond

easy construction

Disabled overlooking the pond

cover pond with grid

almost invisible

complicates the care of the pond

backfilling pond with stones


Planting and fish stocking impossible only suitable for small pools.

If you want to protect your own children, usually a pin grid reaches the pond. If this does not appeal to you visually, cover it with a grid from, submit him with stones.

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