Parrot MKi9100 - Installation instructions for the car kit

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Parrot MKi9100 - Installation instructions for the car kit

The speakerphone can also be installed in a truck.

Newer vehicles have generally incorporated a speakerphone. But if you have an older car and did not want to handle with a Bluetooth headset or a wireless headset, you should integrate a small speakerphone in your car, with which you can wirelessly and comfortable calls. Such hands-free system is the Parrot MKI9100.

The Parrot MKI9100 is easy to install

Included with the speakerphone, a steering wheel remote control, a control unit and a dual microphone included. Furthermore, the respective connecting cable for the onboard electronics are. They build the kit firmly into the vehicle.

  1. The Bluebox should be mounted behind the radio, because it must be connected to the ISO connector or the Line-In input of your radio. To establish the connection to your speakers in the vehicle. Connect the respective connector to your car radio. If your car radio is not prepared for plug and no line-in, you must obtain an appropriate adapter cable, which allows you to connect.
  2. Now set the current connection ago. You need to connect the red wire to the +12 volt supply duration and the orange wire to the -12 volt supply duration. Both must not be confused with each other, otherwise the battery could be discharged.
  3. Install the double microphone in the sun visor or on the mirror, it should show the driver. The remote control stick on the steering wheel. Find a space for the display, where you can see it well. This is glued to the dashboard.

The operation is comfortable

  • After installation, you need to pair with your mobile phone hands-free initially. This is necessary only once. After pairing, the devices recognize and you get into the car. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on your phone and that the phone is visible.
  • If you get a call, you can answer it directly on the steering wheel. This is very advantageous especially when driving fast, because you can keep both hands on the wheel. The display shows you who is calling, if the caller is stored in the phonebook of your mobile phone.
  • The sensitivity of the microphone is very good, you can sit at ease and talk freely.

You can connect to the Parrot MKI9100 also an iPhone or iPod. The music is output via the speakers of the vehicle. Detailed operating instructions can be downloaded from the Internet.

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