Part-time and notice - what should note as an employee

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Part-time and notice - what should note as an employee

For part-time employees usually no different notice periods apply.

Those who work only a few hours a week, for shorter rather than the statutory notice periods. However, if you are working on a temporary part-time job, a proper notice may be excluded after the trial period.

Working part-time and notice periods

  • The rules applicable to your employment notice periods, even in a part-time work usually consist of a collective agreement or in the individual employment contract.
  • Only if in your employment - also by reference to a collective agreement - nothing is settled, the statutory periods of notice of the BGB.
  • Gem. § 622 Abs. 1 BGB the employee may terminate his employment relationship with a four-week period to end of the month or the fifteenth. This also applies to the employer, unless the employment relationship has existed less than two years.
  • For your employer be extended in the context of a part-time employment, the statutory periods of notice depending on length of service.
  • Fashion, for example for ten years with your employer, you can - as a part-time employee - only with a period of four months' notice to the end of the month, see § 622 para 2 No. 4 BGB....

Ordinary termination in fixed-term contracts

  • Many part-time work are also limited, for example if it is a job for a pregnancy or parental leave replacement.
  • Fashion. Part time on a temporary job, you should take a look at your work or in the collective agreement, if a proper notice of a certain period is possible
  • Gem. § 15 para. 3 part-time and temporary employment law (TzBfG), a temporary employment can only be terminated with notice, if this is regulated in the relevant collective agreement or individual contract.
  • The collective agreements in the public sector such as the TVöD see ordinary termination in a fixed-term contract before only under certain conditions.

As an employee you have in principle also in a part-time job no other statutory notice periods as a full-time worker.

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