Partnership and narcissism - so you deal with it

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Partnership and narcissism - so you deal with it

Put your narcissist clear boundaries.

Narcissism as a personality trait

  • Narcissism is no Macke. Narcissism is a personality trait.
  • Personality characteristics are deep and are resistant to threats, curses or promises. Therefore, you will need clever strategies to get out of it.
  • A partnership makes so permanently no fun. If you partnering to your little narcissist is expensive, take your change requests seriously.

What do you want to change

  • Consider first as an internal management game where you particularly annoys the narcissism of the partner. If he tears the whole Party with his stories per se? If he for hours the bathroom blocked? If he never asks, how are you?
  • Now think about how you would like to have changed the situation. By looking at the party simply find another group? First, go to the bathroom? He simply tell how are you?
  • Think about what concerns you. And what is his business. If he zutextet other, that's his business. If he zutextet, that's your problem. When he talks with his friends only about himself, that's his problem. If he is not willing to listen to you, that's your problem.

Change narcissism in partnership

  • If you want to change from your narcissist, you must speak clearly. Best calmly, factually.
  • As many partnerships are very emotive and objective messages often work particularly well. Because they stand out more.
  • Say something like: "I want to tell you every evening just as it comes to me I want you for taking your room.." Or: "I want to go with you tomorrow in my favorite café Please take time for it.."
  • Make your narcissist clear guidelines. And praise him for everything he does well. Frequently narcissists are in fact in your depth very insecure people.
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