Party Flirt games for single parties - Suggestions

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Party Flirt games for single parties - Suggestions

Until the kiss you need patience.

To prepare the feast

  • If you want to have a party for singles with Party Flirt games, it is important that you begin in time for planning. Pick for a weekend from where many of your friends time. This should all be singles, so the party makes sense.
  • Look for a space of which is sufficient for the number of guests in terms of size and in which one can feel comfortable. The Party should optimally take place with few guests in an apartment. So its nice atmosphere, and the party seems more personal.
  • Each of your guests should bring to the hard bit. Necessary are snacks and drinks and - as desired - also small dishes, is thus provided for the physical well.

This Party Flirt games are

  • One of the popular Party Flirt games is the spin the bottle. For all sit down in a circle on the floor. The youngest in the round starts and turns the bottle. The person to whom the bottle points must fulfill a task that the one who turned it invents. All tasks must have to do with flirting. For example, it may be that you have to make the respective person compliments or kiss them.
  • One of the most beautiful Party Flirt games is also the key. A participant's eyes are connected here and he needs to recognize by touch, who is that person. So you come to the party - even without speaking - is fast approaching.
  • You can also prepare before the festival cards on which tasks are, where you quickly into flirting. For example, may be one of the tasks that you should choose a partner and have to massage each other. Here, your creativity knows no bounds.
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