Party Recipes for 25 persons - Top 10

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Party Recipes for 25 persons - Top 10

Many different party recipes make your celebration memorable.

The classic party recipes - pasta salad and potato salad

Pasta and potato salad are the classics of the Party Recipes par. They not only fill, but are perfect as a side dish. You can vary and instead of mayonnaise to make a potato salad with oil and vinegar. A pasta salad with pesto and feta cheese is a tasty vegetarian option that also tastes meat eaters.

25 people sick get? - It's easy with soup

If you need to entertain you with 25 people at a time, a soup is. Also popular are cheese soups, which, however, also weigh heavily in the stomach. Therefore, a soup tomato-based is particularly well suited. This soup is not too boring, add a variety of vegetables, such as peppers, beans and corn and the very rapid filling foods is ready.

Mexican Wrap To Go - Tasty finger food

Spice up your breakfast with Wraps! Buy wheat tortillas easily at the grocery store and fill them with salad, vegetables and chicken strips. Serve with a delicious guacamole that enter through the wrap. draped Schön, Guests will be able to pass it.

Party time is Schnittchenzeit

Sandwiches are a popular hit of the party recipes. And it is even better if you make the matching spreads itself. Take your blender and dare yourself to the spread kitchen! From chickpeas is easy hummus, made from corn, a loose spread and olive a spicy paste. Garnished with some herbs and lettuce can withstand Guests here definitely.

Salad for stressed hosts - the bulgur salad

Bulgur is a quick alternative. Enter bulgur in a bowl, pour it with hot broth - and that's it, already. Now you can spice up your mood and some chopped vegetables and onions add. A little oil and vinegar give the salad the finishing touches and you have conjured up within minutes a party salad which is quite impressive.

Fishy rolls for the noble enjoyment

Make a savory pancake. Here everything is allowed, what tastes good. Vary with different herbs or red or green pesto and bake the dough on the baking sheet in the oven from. Now you can prove it with salmon, sprinkle with horseradish and turn into a roll. If you cut the roll into small pieces and drape on a tray, any curious visitor will not be able to keep his hands of it. Garnish the rolls with dill. The eye eventually eats also.

Vegetable Cutlet as vegetarian snack

A delicious snack for in between is breaded and fried vegetables. This loosens the Party buffet on extremely tasty and it is so. You can breading and frying, whatever you have in the house: pumpkin, mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini or kohlrabi. A cheaper alternative is the bargain.

Drag the Mett a puff pastry on

An ingenious filling foods is Mett in puff pastry. The main work done for you the oven. You just have to paint the Mett on the puff pastry, sprinkle with grated cheese, roll it up and you're ready to push the whole thing in the oven. Making these small and savory rolls guarantees fed 25 people.

Tasty morsels: tarte flambee

Tarte different way: Cut a baguette into slices and cover it after Flammkuchenart. Slightly sour cream, onions and bacon can be two different worlds meet and definitely makes you want more. Serve the baguette slices still warm.

Chips with a difference - namely, from the sweet potato

As tasty snack for in between to sweet potato chips are. The sweet potatoes are thinly sliced, drizzled with olive oil and baked in the oven. You can according to taste your own variants create by test different spices and herbs.

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