passed Besenrein on departure the apartment

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passed Besenrein on departure the apartment

A swept clean apartment is emptied and clean.

Keep your lease always on and pay attention to certain clauses including termination. Usually it is enough if you swept return the apartment when the tenant to the owner.

Meaning explained "swept" closer

What you are required? "Besenrein" for tenancy states that you must vacate the apartment and passed as clean as possible by sweeping the floor with a broom. Have all the furniture and furnishings removed from the apartment, it will do just fine when you first return each room thoroughly and then again in every room moist by wipe or vacuum the carpet.

Unfortunately, trying to give the word "swept" a very special meaning many landlords. Familiarize yourself before your termination of the tenancy and before moving out with this term. Only then do you know how to behave in front of him and during the handover your landlord over properly.

to leave an apartment broom clean, does not mean to beautify the home through large renovation or replacement of worn carpets.

What should you consider when an extract

So you have no problems with the landlord when you move out of your current home, you should primarily stick to what you have in the contract in the lease. Which clauses you have signed? Find here all the relevant documents together and get an overview. The condition of residence in return is important, otherwise you risk not to get a part of the deposit.

If in your lease that the tenant refurbished in collection yourself, then you do not need to be renovated for the tenant in your statement. Even if you find any clause in the contract for the renovation, it now ranges usually when you swept return the apartment to the owner. Unless the normal cosmetic repairs for wear damage caused during normal use are already longer than the lease back agreement. Information about this topic can be found on the Internet at

Pass the apartment when you move out in a tidy condition. If you wish to get rid of some furniture, then they must not simply leave in the apartment, but they have to dispose of time. You may be able to make some money and the tenant is very grateful if he can take over your furniture at an attractive price so even. Furniture, but were at the move in the apartment, such as a kitchen, you have to leave, of course cleaned when moving out in the apartment.

Checklist: You must be careful during the handover

  • Arrange in advance with your landlord the takeover of you installed equipment and spare yourself renovations.
  • Remove all personal items stuff out of the apartment.
  • Dispose of old furniture and rubbish before moving out.
  • Remove any dirt on walls and coverings such as carpets.
  • Paint over most white colorful painted walls again.
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