Passing the aptitude test in Barmer - so it works with the training

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Passing the aptitude test in Barmer - so it works with the training

Setting test passed, the career can begin.

Setting tests whether in Barmer or elsewhere, take place usually after a similar scheme. One would like to check school knowledge and general education of future trainees simultaneously testing whether they remain calm even under stress and remain viable.

properly prepare an employment test

  • Health insurance as the Barmer frequently visit schools and even offer application training. Take part in such training Barmer, can be obtained in a simple manner information relating specifically to Barmer-employment test.
  • In an employment test nothing impossible is demanded, usually university knowledge is queried. Especially to questions from the mathematics and German best to be prepared.
  • Questions of general knowledge often provide their own part in the recruitment test. You should prove that you have different interests and also deal with the world events. Who regularly watched the evening news on television, and this part of the recruitment tests is well accessible.
  • You may be tested in the setting test for stress resistance. We leave you with, for example before a task that you can not create within the allotted time. So it quickly becomes whether to proceed anyway planned and trying to solve the task. Practice beforehand so well to solve problems under time pressure

When Barmer: Show what you can

  • Be sure to arrive at your employment test in Barmer. Plan a so much time that you can neither hectic nor sweaty begin the test, but to breathe again before you have to provide your performance.
  • Try to stay as calm as possible before testing. You is demanded nothing impossible. They want your person to know. They include starches, as well as weaknesses.
  • Take time frame completely. Process all tasks. Get through tasks that do not releasably not seem discouraged, but go one step further.
  • Even with an employment test errors are allowed. Flawless tests are rare and are not expected to basically.
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