Pasta freeze - hints and recipe

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Pasta freeze - hints and recipe

Pasta dough can be frozen.

Pasta dough can be easily freeze

By paying attention to the following guidelines when freezing your noodle dough, it should be no problems during the subsequent further use:

  • It is easiest if you do not freeze the dough as a whole. Firstly, the thawing process is much faster and the pasta also retain their uniform elastic consistency.
  • If you make the pasta for your meal, you form the amount that you want to freeze, equal with. After drying, you can give them in cans stored in the freezer.
  • To use the frozen food, please note that you do not have to thaw until the pasta, but they can give directly from the freezer into the boiling water.

So there is usually no problem with the quality and enjoyment of noodles.

Pasta homemade - a recipe

The basic recipe for pasta dough is quite simple. The hassles that deters some pasta lovers from Selbermachen and yet can access again to finished products, is the fine rolling out the dough. To conserve power and nerves, it is worthwhile to provide a pasta machine which does the work.

  1. Whisk together first the eggs well.
  2. Well, sift the flour into the egg mixture, give added salt and stir everything as well as possible; then knead the dough until it has adopted an elastic consistency. You need some patience.
  3. In general, you need to add any water. Should there still be necessary to go about it very sparingly.
  4. If you do not have a pasta machine, you now roll out the dough with a rolling pin very thin out, make sure to use a uniform surface.
  5. Cut then the noodles according to your wishes cope.

By adding spices and herbs in the dough, you can achieve interesting flavors. In addition, the dough can be altered in appearance by the addition of eg. A little tomato juice or food coloring.

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