"Paste Using Keyboard" - so you copy text in Word

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"Paste Using Keyboard" - so you copy text in Word

Paste with the keyboard - made easy

With the keyboard text editing perform - a useful feature

Editing functions such as copying and pasting text, or parts of a text can not perform using only the mouse. Even with different key combinations and the keyboard it is possible to perform many functions and commands. So it is no wonder that highlight problems texts, copy and paste in word processing programs. For example, it is possible so no problem to copy a text or part of text from a website or from another program using a shortcut key, to then include this example in a Word document. You must first only the text using the mouse and the left mouse button Mark.

Texts or passages you can as copy and paste

  1. First, of course, open the document or page in which there is the desired text or text part.
  2. Now select the text or passage, by doing this over with the left mouse button. You will immediately see that the selected text settles color.
  3. Now you can either copy the text by using the appropriate command in the menu under Edit or instead use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + C" for it.
  4. Now, open a blank Word document to insert the text there can, if you have not already done so.
  5. You can paste the previously selected text or text into your Word document then with the key combination "Ctrl + V".

Another little tip for last: In many programs, the corresponding keyboard shortcuts are already specified in the menus. If you are shortcuts commonly used to memorize, you can work in many cases much more quickly with programs.

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