Pastrami buy - that you should consider when the meat

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Pastrami buy - that you should consider when the meat

With Pastrami make delicious sandwiches.

Pastrami originated in Romania and there from the Jewish kitchen. Immigrants brought the recipe with the United States, where it became very popular over the years.

So pastrami is made

Pastrami was created by the need to preserve meat, when there was no means of cooling. Today this is no longer really necessary, through only in this way can the typical taste of pastrami achieve.

  • Pastrami is made according to the traditional recipe of beef, usually, these are the brisket, sometimes to the shoulder.
  • This piece of meat is cured in a brine that is heavily seasoned with garlic, nutmeg, pepper, allspice, pepper and saltpetre. Then it is smoked over wood a few hours and get a crust of peppercorns.
  • Pastrami is mainly used as sandwich toppings. Given the piece of meat is cut into thin slices. After typical American style bread is then thickly coated with Pastramischeiben.

What you should know when buying the specialty

  • According to the original recipe Pastrami is always made of beef. Meanwhile, however, also mutton, turkey or pork is used. If you can not find a dealer in your area, you can buy this meat also some providers on the Internet.
  • Pastrami can be divided into two types in principle. If you like things spicy, you should buy the New York style pastrami, milder is the American style pastrami.
  • If you want to serve your sandwich in the American style, you can prepare with your pastrami sandwich a Rachel. For this you need two slices of rye bread per sandwich. The bread sprinkle with salad dressing, place on a slice of bread, the pastrami, a slice of cheese and some coleslaw, the American version of Krautsalats. Then cover the whole thing with the second slice of bread and fry the sandwich from both sides with a little fat in a pan until the cheese is melted.
  • In the same way you can prepare a Reuben sandwich. In this, also very popular in America Snack replace the Pastrami by corned beef and coleslaw by sauerkraut.
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