Pause Radio - argumentation

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Pause Radio - argumentation

Some schools even have their own radio programs.

Reasons for a pause Radio

  • The Pause Radio is run by students and is intended primarily for students, but also for teachers. Students report on special events a week, conduct interviews with z. B. the rector or teachers and thus keep the other students to date. This is considered in an argument as positive, as students can be regularly informed on comfortable paths.
  • By rewinding Radio students' creativity is encouraged. You learn to create concepts pick out interesting topics by a search, and worked intensively to deal with an issue. And not only the older students are heard on the radio, but also the younger ones. Again, the argument would be positive, as students learn here early on how they can best investigate and get information.
  • When students are on the air, they are usually heard during the break in the school. So you learn here already as it is to talk to an audience or listeners. The more often the students take part in a radio broadcast pause, the more likely it is that the nervousness decreases more and more. These aspects fall within the scope of the positive argument as students learn through fun, as they can give to the audience.

Argument against the Radio

  • However, the break Radio also has as its downsides. During the break, young students are supposed to use the time outside a little energy by Toben, games etc. rid. It could be, but that students prefer how the elders also, to remain in the building to listen to the news. The thus occurring sedentary may be part of the argument against it.
  • A pause radio is also often associated with a constant noise because students then no longer even in the break have their rest from school and can not really switch off. By Radio z. B. talks could be suspended, as students listen only to the radio instead of talking to each other. Consequently, the constant music speaks for the argument against the radio.
  • The break radio is often considered as a replacement of the student newspaper, as the radio reports of the same or related topics. This point also appears in the argument against the radio - in that the students learn the information on comfortable paths, decreases the likelihood that they will buy the school newspaper. This may mean that then z. B. the printing costs can no longer or only with difficulty be covered and the read laziness of some students is thus only encouraged.

Generally, the break Radio brings more advantages than disadvantages - important is only that the process is clear and that the radio does not have too much time the students to complete. To avoid constant music, the pause Radio should not be heard every day in the break.

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