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Pawn characters - Information

And non-returnable bottles are mortgage subject.

Pawn mark for returnable bottles

The Packaging Ordinance provides for uniform rules with regard to the deposit return. Unfortunately, the legislature has not prescribed any clear identification of appropriate packaging, so consumers often do not recognize whether it is disposable or reusable bottles. On the environmentally friendly reusable bottles but is mostly the imprint "reusable" or "refillable for the environment". The logo "The Blue Angel" indicates that this is a refillable packaging. These bottles can usually return anywhere where they are kept in this form in the range.

  • For you as a consumer, there are between one-way and reusable packaging only two differences. While disposable bottles are disassembled after the redemption in their basic components and then further local pr, refillable bottles can often be refilled. They afford therefore automatically a contribution to the environment when you access with your purchase for returnable bottles.
  • Another difference between the two types of packaging is the amount of the deposit. Because with disposable bottles it is uniform 25 cents and reusable bottles, it is generally lower. It also varies depending on the package type. For a beer bottle the deposit is to example 8 cents and a bottle of mineral water 15 cents.

To realize one-way packaging

The respective deposit sign tells you to which type of packaging is. Disposable bottles are most marked in Germany by DPG mark (German deposit system GmbH) and a bar code. On the white, square characters with blue paint bottle and a can of ready and under is - symbolic of the return - an arrow.

  • To avoid problems with the return of mortgage duty packaging, you should make sure that the appropriate deposit mark is present and possible prejudice.
  • Missing the mark, then should the sales staff, according to the Packaging Ordinance, identify by comparison with containers of the product range the bottle and refund the deposit.

Although non-returnable bottles made of glass, aluminum, plastic or metal can be made, the pledge is in all types of packages equal.

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