PayPal account limited - you can do

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PayPal account limited - you can do

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PayPal - secure payment system

If your PayPal account has been limited, which can have various causes:

  • So it may be that someone has logged without your permission in your PayPal account. Then accesses the restriction - particularly when access is made suddenly from a completely different country.
  • Also, if your account balance is over a longer period in the red, you need the account either offset or it comes to restrict the account features.
  • Should still applications pending on buyer protection, you also the PayPal account features are only partially available.
  • The same applies if you have not sent all the functions as the EU receiving limit on PayPal.

Account limited - information on the procedure

You now have the opportunity to cancel your account restriction again:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account. Here you can see "Conflict Resolution" upload documents and send to PayPal. After examining the account, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail on the lifting of restrictions. Another approach is to receive an identity card copy.
  2. Immediately after logging in, you will receive a message with a request to send a copy of your ID card to PayPal.
  3. Then it will prompt you to transfer some money to your account at PayPal. But usually requires only an amount of 1 cent.
  4. You may also have to submit the relevant statement at PayPal. Most of the time limitation of the account will be canceled.
  5. Your PayPal account is no longer restricted.
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