Pdp authentication for E-Plus failed - you can do

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Pdp authentication for E-Plus failed - you can do

To solve problems with the pdp authentication. Harald_Wanetschka / Pixelio

Troubleshooting with the pdp authentication

Again, it does not matter whether standing or with another provider E-Plus contract, you should first check the following:

  • Can you make calls or send SMS? If you go out; so have a connection to the telephone network.
  • Try to get a SIM card from another network and log on with this into the net. If so, then the problem lies with the pdp-authentication is not on your device, but clearly the network provider.
  • Usually a failed pdp authentication is always at the service provider, so if you're at E-Plus, at E-Plus. The tests are important because the network provider will pass on the problem to the device and your complaint as a ping pong ball between E-Plus and the provider of the mobile device back and forth could go.

Special problem with iPhones and E-Plus

If the pdp-authentication does not work with an iPhone at E-Plus, it could be a mistake, is related to the software of the iPhone. In that case, you should try the following:

  1. Start it from scratch the iPhone, sometimes that's enough.
  2. If the restart has not been sufficient, remove the SIM card. Select the Settings menu and then "General" and "Reset".
  3. Then select Network Settings and turn off iPhone. Now insert the SIM card again.
  4. Turn on the device again. If the iPhone is up, go back to the settings menu, then "General". Call "Cellular Data Network" and enter in APN "internet.eplus.de".

Now would the pdp authentication function again. These steps may also work with other mobile devices, known this type of troubleshooting is but only on iPhone. If you have another device, you can still also try the but.

To lodge a complaint with E-Plus

  • If there is a store nearby, you should recite the problem there, otherwise, call the hotline. Say that it can not be on the device, because a SIM card from a different provider makes no problem.
  • Insist that it must be a network error in E-Plus and probably the LDAP needs to be cleaned. This is to check a technician and perform when needed.

If the measures described are useless, it must only be connected to the network, and on this you do not have access. So can help you only E-Plus when the pdp authentication always either fails, use the measures referred to nothing.

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