Peach tree - care tips

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Peach tree - care tips

A peach tree like it warm.

The peach tree like other sites

  • The peach tree likes a warm, protected location so that it can thrive and many fruits you trägt.Bedenken that the fruit tree is a plant that is native to southern climes, accordingly like like heat.
  • The peach tree should stand on a sunny yet sheltered place, such as a wall or a hedge, so that in winter the frost will not harm.
  • The tree like a loose and well drained soil, in which no water is produced - loamy soils are unsuitable. Better are humus soils that you can mix with sand.

To maintain the fruit tree right

  • The peach tree needs, especially when it is still young, a lot of nutrients and water. The water may not be available through waterlogging, because then lazy small roots and the tree does not grow properly and does not bear fruit.
  • If the peach tree bears fruit and they should grow well, it needs a lot of water, but do not pour too much at once, then the fruits may crack. It is better if you water again and again, even to give as much water.
  • In winter should still young fruit tree, depending on the location, are provided with a protection, because he can withstand frost is not so good. You can cover the soil with leaves or put a protective cover over the tree pane.
  • If it is very cold, it may also be useful if you cover the tree directly with a tarp to protect it prior to too much cold.
  • Your fruit tree like compost as fertilizer like. Den you can still repeatedly applied in the tree pane and easily undermined.
  • After the end of flowering should the tree thin out slightly so that it carries better, you should remove the branches that cross each other, which are damaged or barren, like the branches that grow inward or "water bullets" and "competitive instincts " are.
  • You can identify these branches at the lush green color and make them look like little brooms. These branches are similarly filled like roses with water only, but will never wear. Competing branches are those that make the mid-load and the Leitästen competition and affect the growth habit of the tree.
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