pee while standing - how it works

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pee while standing - how it works

peeing while standing is very popular!

While standing - how it works while peeing

Many women find it now disgusting when your men pee standing up. Many men, however, enjoy it literally if you can pee standing up. What is now a happy medium?

  • Of course it is of great advantage if your bathroom has a urinal, as you find in most restaurants or bars. Here you can really go wrong because the urinal hangs at the correct height and so can not come to any splashes it that reach to the ground.
  • However, even the urinal you need to watch. They should be as close approach the urinal that drops can fall during shaking in the urinal and not on the floor. If you look in restaurants just on the ground, then you will find that this is precisely the case.
  • There are now Stehklos that operate entirely without water and therefore are very environmentally friendly. So if you are planning a new bathroom, then this additional alternative is definitely worth a thought.

Pee standing up - further details

  • Whether you pee standing up or sitting down, you should drink enough in any case. By many drinks you will also have a fuller urine beam and thus ensures better controlled for less drip danger.
  • Fold in any case, the toilet seat up! Also you must be clear that you have so often clean the toilet at least twice, as if you pee sitting down.
  • Ask a mop bucket next to the toilet. If something goes wrong, you can still act quickly and prevent critical look your wife.

Before you pee the next time standing, you should at least try to pee sitting down again. You will see, actually it is much more pleasant and relaxing.

Meckert your wife again about your Stehpinkelei? Then ask yourself but seriously, if it gives you is even worth. Why not switch to seat pee and so have a very happy woman?

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