Peel mushrooms, wash, cook? - What you should consider when different types of mushrooms

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Peel mushrooms, wash, cook?  - What you should consider when different types of mushrooms

If you are cooking chanterelles, you should consider some.

Fungi - that you should be aware

Mushrooms are a rapidly perishable commodity. Whether you collect them fresh or buy in the store, it makes no difference.

  • Therefore, fungi, regardless of their variety, must be prepared on the same day or at most a day later.
  • Would you like to cook mushrooms a day later, store them loosely spread (they may not superimposed) and cool.
  • The fungi may not be cleaned or washed before use. Cut also still unaware of the stem from.
  • Have you prepared the mushroom dish, so let it cool outside the refrigerator. Then set it for keeping food fresh in the refrigerator. The next day, heat the dish very slowly.

The shelling of the fungi and the more preparation

No matter which variety of mushrooms you want to bring to the table, one applies to all: you will not be washed. Mushrooms are cleaned with a brush or a damp paper towel.

  • However, should not come off the dirt from the forest, take a colander on hand and rinse the mushrooms short.
  • Especially with mushrooms from the forest, it often happens that they are already eaten or have soft spots. This you must peel away carefully in any case with a sharp knife.
  • Have fungi collected with a sponge under the mushroom cap (Boletus, Tricholoma, Birkenpilz, patty or the like), so you can view this closely. If the sponge is white to yellowish as you use it with cooking. Has he, however, already a greenish color, as you peel from these.
  • From stem to remove only the root (fungi are not cut out of the ground, but rotated), hard and not to be cleaned places.
  • The cooking of mushrooms is up to you, you here but remember that Pilzgut absorbs very quickly and a lot of fluid and thus wet quickly. It is better to fry the mushrooms and add them shortly beforehand in the sauce. The roasting in fungi of any kind is between 4 and 10 minutes.
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