Penner Panel - so they succeed

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Penner Panel - so they succeed

As Penner you can dress up in a flash.

The basic trim out of the closet

  • Especially with unexpected invitations to carnivals one is often faced with the question of which one to choose trim. Often there is not enough time available to more quickly to nip in the store or costume shop. Then some good advice.
  • Try it with a costume as Penner. For this you do not need a lot of time and no accessories and have no money to spend.
  • Just look in your closet. Here you will surely find an ancient T-shirt that you really do not attract, but only keep nor nostalgically.
  • Cut a couple of times in the seam and pull the threads so that they hang down. A few holes in the shirt make the outfit more credible.
  • The same you can do with your old pants. Cut into this whim and fix a few safety pins to the holes. So the jeans look as if they would be held only by the needles.
  • Depending on what kind of shoes you wear, you can complete the outfit with broken socks.

The accessories as Penner

  • With a few little things you can complete your disguise as Penner.
  • Trimming your jeans to old. That you succeed, by editing the material with a pumice stone and these fade way.
  • Access briefly in the flower pot with moist soil, you rub it between your hands and flick briefly over the trouser material.
  • Tying up a scarf around and pull old gloves in which you previously cut off the fingers on.
  • Finally zerstrubbeln his hair and can grow a beard - if you are a man.
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