Pension and subsidy - Notes

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Pension and subsidy - Notes

You can apply for the subsidy to the pension as basic security.

The supplement to the pension as basic security

  • Who receives only a very small pension, which can also apply for a grant under the basic insurance. A claim on performance needy citizens who are older than 65 or 67 years depending on the date when they relate the pension. Note that even people over 18 years are entitled to, which are completely incapable of work and have their principal domicile in Germany. A person is then completely incapable of work, if they can not work every day at least three hours for medical reasons.
  • You will receive the grant performance, if the actual need is determined. For this purpose, your own assets and their capital income is counted demanding diminishes.
  • Provided is furthermore also means that you do not receive support under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Law or have caused in the past 10 years the need for intent. Is this still the case, unfortunately you are not entitled to the basic allowance.

Calculating the amount of subsidy

  • The amount of the subsidy to pension is calculated according to the control demand and scheduled rent and heating costs that you have to spend. The state is then also for health insurance, long term care insurance and your additional needs.
  • You should know that the standard rate is 359 euros for a single person per month. This also applies if you are head of the household. The members of your household will receive 80 percent of the standard rate. Overall, this then makes 287 euros.
  • Those who live together as applicants with a spouse or partner receives the mixed set of rules for both people. This is 90% of the standard rate of head of household. This then makes 323 euros.
  • You can get for 12 twelve months this achievement of basic security now. Following then make a subsequent application. Then your neediness is reviewed. You may apply to the welfare office, or when basic security office. Refer to the relevant district office about the necessary formalities.
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