Pension for 45 years of employment - that you should be aware

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Pension for 45 years of employment - that you should be aware

Despite 45 years of employment - reductions before age 65

The statutory pension insurance will pay under certain circumstances the different age pensions. If you bring 45 years of professional experience behind him, that is, even with continuous payment of compulsory contributions not think you can draw a pension without deductions.

45 years of employment - those who work longer, involves more pension

Due to a decision of the Constitutional Court you must accept as legally insured pension deductions if you take early retirement. Exceptions for unemployment or partial retirement does not exist. The principle is simple: Anyone who has worked longer, has done even more posts and therefore gets more pension.

  • The question arises: What is your pension if you retire after 45 years of work experience from working life? The statistics say that about 41 percent of men and only three per cent of women can be counted among the many years insured (45 years of contributions).
  • For a pension after 35 years of work and payment of contributions, the statistics on an average pension of less than 1,000 euros.
  • If you go to 45 years in the profession, coupled with continuous premium payment, in retirement, you can expect an average of a little over 1,200 euros.

Tee Free aged pension upon reaching the age of 65

There are always doubts and rumors that you only get retirement pension based on a premium payment of more than 45 years. That is not so true.

  • It is true, however, that you could be a born before 1942 insured receive more favorable terms of a possible old-age pensions for an earlier date. This position was, however, that you were able to prove 45 years of compulsory contribution payment. For a compulsory contribution payment no periods of unemployment are considered.
  • The facts also corresponds to that you will get from 2012 as insured / r with detectable 45 years compulsory contribution years unabridged age pension upon reaching the age of 65.
  • Because of these pensionable scheme, you can also count special consideration periods (parental leave), as well as compulsory contribution periods.

Conclusion: Before the age of 60 year do not receive any pension, even at 50 years of contributions. Career years for a pension without meaning. For the pension merely reached years of contributions and special contributory periods play a role. When you reach 45 years of compulsory contributions, these are important if you want to get an unabridged retirement pension after age 65 and before the age of 67 year.

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