Percept in art - you should know

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Percept in art - you should know

Percepts will help in the image analysis. Peter_Freitag / Pixelio

Percept - a definition

  • The term goes back to the art educators Gunter Otto. In his book "Aesthetic Education as a practice of laying out images" of 1986, he describes what happens in the first encounter with a work of art.
  • After Gunter Otto held a Verknüpfungsakt at this moment between viewer and image. It not only plays a role, which can be seen in the picture, but also what connects the viewer with the seen.
  • That is, as percept one calls your subjective feeling, your thoughts and impressions that you have when viewing the image. In this first impression you do not have to align according to objective criteria to your subjective rating is allowed. Pay attention to the effects of colors and shapes to your sensation.
  • Ask yourself: "What do I know what I feel here What should I think and why???" In answering these questions, you will realize that you associate past experiences and previous visual impressions with the seen. Personal memories and your knowledge will also feed in your vote.

Analyze the Art accurate

  1. They should be aware that a percept only describes the first encounter with a work of art. Do not leave it in this state of knowledge! Give the plant in a second step, the chance to bring about your experience so far horizon.
  2. Ask yourself now: What does the sitter? Why it was shown in this style? What you see exactly? Try to describe the shapes, surfaces and patterns.

In the first step you have approached through the percept on the emotional level of the art. Now it is more important to understand the work of art with the mind. Only so you can classify the seen appropriate. Educate yourself and learn more about the artist, his way of working and the time of creation. Read literature on the artwork and try to get involved in what is represented.

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