Perform a virus check online - how it works

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Perform a virus check online - how it works

Have the own PC over the internet by malicious software

In order to use the virus check Bitdefender from your browser, you need to install a free add-on, which should only take a few seconds. Thereafter, most immediately the scan is started, which should only take a few minutes, and then you receive a message about the result of the online test. Should this be negative, so be clean your system, you can quit your browser again. Otherwise, you need to clean your computer with a local antivirus program, for which you also the same offer Bitdefender a download link for your own software, you can use 30 days free as a demo. Generally you should have anyway installed on your system antivirus software to protect themselves effectively against malware.

Bitdefender check with Google Chrome

  1. Launch Google Chrome and go to the online check of Bitdefender on.
  2. Then click "Scan Now".
  3. In Chrome, you must then click "Add" to allow the installation of add-ons, and select shortly afterwards "I Agree".
  4. Shortly after, already start the scan, you will need to wait briefly.

The add-on can be easily removed, by making the top right right-clicking on the icon with the red circle and "Remove from Chrome" filter.

Virus check with Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox, go to the online test Bitdefender and click "Scan Now".
  2. Now you have the top left the "Installation of the add-ons" Allow ", then click" Install Now "button and restart Firefox.
  3. Call now possibly again the virus check on if you do not leave your last session restore automatically.
  4. Click "Scan Now" and wait for the test from.

To uninstall the add-on, click with the right mouse button on the top right on the Bitdefender icon (a red circle), then down on "Uninstall" and restart Firefox.

Online test with Internet Explorer

  1. If you are using Windows XP, start Internet Explorer as usual. On Windows Vista and Windows 7 you need to right click on the entry in the start menu and choose "Run as administrator" click, you need to confirm in circumstances with "Yes". With Windows 8 you would have your starting area ( "Metro") call, by pressing the Windows key, then right click on the "Internet Explorer" and "Run as Admin" in the end at the bottom of almost right click , Here you need to click on "Yes" if necessary.
  2. Call the virus check of Bitdefender on, you then click on "Scan Now" and complete the installation of the add-ons right down to "Install" by.
  3. Shortly after starting the test, you only have to wait.

To remove the add-on, click on the top right, click the gear icon and then about halfway to "Manage Add-ons". Look for the entry "Bitdefender", make a right click on it, select the "More Information" and click at the end on the bottom left on "Remove". After restarting the add-on is uninstalled.

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