perform peach tree cutting

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perform peach tree cutting

Supporting rich fruit trees need a cut.

Peaches grow on woody buschartigem

  • A healthy peach tree is 3 to 4 main branches, which are also called scaffold branches. For a good fruit harvest the growth of fresh and portable drives must be encouraged.
  • You can do this by once a year to carry out a peach tree pruning. The best time is before flowering. Then the individual engine types can be distinguished from each well and the injuries heal quickly.
  • To prevent disease and pest infestation, you should use only sharp and clean tools to an ordinary peach pruning. In addition, the supply of the wounds with special wound closure means from the garden trade is advisable.

Perform a peach tree pruning

For the proper implementation of the action you need to distinguish the fruit wood in 4 forms. Any form is treated differently. Perfect cuts are carried out smoothly.

  • Leavy: It is strong and long branches with predominant growth of buds. Cut back this up to 1-3 eyes.
  • False fruit shoots: They are equipped with weak and only flower buds. Remove the drives completely.
  • True fruiting shoots: They grow strong and long in the blade axes. They are equipped with scroll and flower buds. Perform the peach tree cut by back lop these branches to about 1/3. There are still 4, 5 or 6 buds highest approaches remain available. If many drives there, cut some of them out completely.
  • Bouquet buds: This flourish of perennial wood. They are indicated by the flower buds tufts at the tip. do not cut these shoots. A good harvest is expected.
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