perform properly in math Term transformations - how it works

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perform properly in math Term transformations - how it works

In term transformations parentheses must be resolved.

Terme in math - you need to know

  • Under a term is understood in mathematics a kind of "algebra", ie a mathematical expression that contains both numbers and letters (as a general proxy for numbers).
  • So the expression 3 + b a term are just as a² + b (a part of Pythagoras) or (a + b) ² (the first binomial formula).

Term transformations - these rules must be observed

It is often necessary in mathematics, reshape existing terms, often easier to make or dissolve parentheses, for example, to get an overview.

For Term transformations simple rules apply in principle:

  1. You may add in terms and subtract, but only identical letters or combinations of letters.
  2. Kicking mixed arithmetic operations on, then: point calculation (ie once or divided) before addition and subtraction (ie plus and minus).
  3. Loosen a clamp (whether number or letter) occurs before or after the one factor by malnehmen every part of the clip by this factor.
  4. Double (or even triple) clamps loosen at by multiplying each of the first bracket with every part of the second bracket.

Term transformations - these examples show the rules

The term transformations mentioned are explained in corresponding through worked examples and are illustrated:

  1. The term 2a - 3b + from - 7 can be combined to -ab -5a - 3b (because 2 - 7a = 5a and invisible from -ab).
  2. a²: a + AxBx 3 can also be reshaped. However, you must first a²: a = a charge, then AxBx 3 = 3ab and you finally get a Term forming a + 3ab
  3. The clamp 3 x (a - 5 b) resolve as follows: 3 xa - 3 x 5 b = 3a - 15b
  4. The two brackets (x + 1) (x-2), loosen as follows: x² - 2x + 1x - 2. This term can still summarize and obtain: x² - x - 2 (instead of -1x to write -x) ,
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