perform successfully in football shooting practice

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perform successfully in football shooting practice

Goalscoring you can train.

Exercise suggestions for a successful shooting practice

  • Before the right shot training begins, your shooting technique should be naturally again refreshed. Take this 5 to 10 balls and place them at a distance of about 5 meters on a line parallel to the gate. Now make the movements of a real shot at a very slow pace and pick out even previously a corner, where you want to shoot the ball.
  • When you have mastered this exercise of shot training, you can increase the tempo in the second stage, but keep in the movements primarily on the proper technique and the optimal distance from the ball. If you feel confident, you can also vary the distance from the gate ,
  • This works best exercise when you alternate with a partner when shooting and corrects each of the passive players the art of others.
  • In the next exercise, you start at the center line, from which you pass the ball to another player who is about 20 meters from goal. This presents you with the ball first of all flat on (about 15 to 20 m in front of the gate) and you shoot straight. Try always, two shots behind the other to be placed in the same corner.
  • Diversify to the exercise by the Anspieler the ball alternately laying on the strong and the weak foot, lupft him, so that the "striker" has to take volley, etc.
  • Once you have mastered this exercise of shot training, you can install (about 5 hat), after which one of the ball itself must submit to shoot instead of pass to a team mate, a slalom. Again it should be shot in a particular zone (at the gate 15 to 20 m).
  • Then build the slalom at the box parallel to the goal. The aim of this exercise is that the player optimizes the shot from the half turn. Perform this exercise from both sides, so that must be shot with both feet.
  • Another great exercise for shooting practice is the shot after a pass. A player stands at the cross box line-by-line and plays the balls relatively tight towards the middle of the penalty area. The player without the ball is running at full speed to the ball and trying to place him with the full instep goal.
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