Personnel services Kaufmann - explains training and content

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Personnel services Kaufmann - explains training and content

In the temporary staff is searched frequently.

The training for personnel services Kaufmann is still relatively young and is offered only in recent years. Job placement and temporary work agencies but there are already several decades.

Content of training for personnel services Kaufmann

  • As personnel services Kaufmann you work primarily at temporary employment agencies or employment agencies. Your job here is to plan the deployment of personnel and coordinate. That means about finding missions for existing employees, so this "give" to customers to businesses or to find new suitable employees to orders by customers.
  • In addition, you will learn how to calculate the salary of the loaned employees because this is generally composed of a basic salary and surcharges and allowances for assembly (Away activities).
  • Also, the handling of the corresponding programs is one of the contents, as well as compliance with the applicable statutory provisions (eg. B. Employment Act).
  • Purpose also be found in larger companies that have a human resources department and as frequently looking for new professionals. Training can either be completed at a specialized school or be carried out as a dual training in parallel with a job in a company in the industry.
  • For practitioners who are already working in a personal service company and have started here as an outsider, have thus actually learned another profession, also a shortened education for personnel services Kaufmann is possible. They work in parallel continue in business and relate to continue your salary.

How does the salary consist of?

  • If you work as a personnel services Kaufmann after your training in the personnel department of a large company, then refer mostly a fixed salary. This may vary according to company size, most however, it is 2500-4000 EUR.
  • More leeway there is in the much more common activity in temporary employment agencies or employment services, because here a performance-based salary. Most of the basic wage is relatively low - about 1500 EUR per month.
  • In addition, however, commissions are paid. This means that you get a personal service Kaufmann for hiring new candidates or the successful mediation of orders an additional remuneration.
  • Your salary after training therefore depends on how successful you place professionals or helpers. On average salaries are 2000-4500 EUR.
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