PhotoImpact X3 is available in Windows 7 - Here's how

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PhotoImpact X3 is available in Windows 7 - Here's how

PhotoImpact X3 offers an easy image editing.

PhotoImpact X3

  • Ulead PhotoImpact X3 is a well known and good image editing software with which you can open and edit all common image formats. The program was indeed designed for Windows XP and Vista, but also runs without problems under 7. The big picture editing package is distinguished by its clear user interface and simple functions for beginners and you need to read in any case only.
  • During operation there are various program wizards are available to help you every step of the image processing. Included in the software are also atmospheric effects, which can be used very easily. It can not only edit photos, but also manage larger image collections. In trade, the software can be purchased for just under 50 euros. For testing, however, is the free demo version.

To install the sofware on Windows 7

Although PhotoImpact X3 is a little older, it can also easily be used on Windows. 7 You can install and run the program as normal and need no special rules. You can get a free demo version, which can be used without restriction for 30 days via the Internet.

  1. Download the demo version of PhotoImpact X3 from the Internet and then open the downloaded file.
  2. Start the installation and select an appropriate location from, then simply follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Once the installation is completed successfully, you should start your Windows 7 best new.
  4. Now you can find the image editing software in the Start menu of Windows 7 and run it from there.
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