Photosmart B110 HP - so clean the printer nozzles

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Photosmart B110 HP - so clean the printer nozzles

You can perform head cleaning my computer. Michael_Baudy / Pixelio

Regular maintenance of the Photosmart B110 is absolutely necessary

The printer Photosmart B110 is very versatile and is suitable for a variety of prints for home use. Ranging from photos to larger text documents; with this printer they succeed you in good quality. So that you can always achieve the best print quality, it is necessary to service the printer regularly. For maintenance of the device includes the cleaning of the print head. This guide contains information on how to clean the printer nozzles in two different methods. First, the print head cleaning using the computer, on the other hand, the cleaning of the print head on the device itself.

  1. To clean the print head when Photosmart B110 using the computer, you must first ensure that the unit is connected and switched on via the USB cable to the computer.
  2. Now open the Start menu by clicking on the appropriate button. Then select the Printers and Faxes option. It can happen here is that you must first open the Control Panel, to access this option.
  3. Once you have the option opened with a double, you will now see a list of printers that are connected to your computer. Select the appropriate device and click with a left-click on it.
  4. The following drop-down menu, then select the "Settings" button. Under the "Maintenance" you can find a variety of options for performing various maintenance on your printer. Now Decide on the type of cleaning option.
  5. Then follow the steps in order to successfully carry out the cleaning of the print head.

To succeed in cleaning the print head when Photosmart B110 HP.

You also have the option of the unit to carry out the cleaning of the print head itself, ie without the help of the computer when Photosmart B110. Given, follow the steps in this part of the manual:

  1. Turn on the device. Then press the "Settings" option. These can be found on the Home screen of the device. Now you can see on the display the setup menu.
  2. Press the Setup menu, the right arrow button and select with their help the "Tools" option. Select the option by pressing "OK".
  3. You can select "Clean Printhead" option by selecting it with the right arrow key. Confirm your selection with "OK". Now the Photosmart B110 performs the cleaning of the print head.

After completion of cleaning, you can check the result on a test print.

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