Photovoltaic and health - a subject frequently discussed

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Photovoltaic and health - a subject frequently discussed

Select photovoltaics as an alternative.

What are the advantages of photovoltaics?

  • A clear advantage of a photovoltaic system is the use of existing and boundless energy. In contrast to nuclear power energy is here not unnaturally produced, but it is used energy that already exists.
  • Another advantage is the independence. With our own solar system you are independent to some of the general power grid. As soon as the power comes from the photovoltaic system, you do not pay attention to the savings, since produced all your investment on electricity, you may also use.
  • Photovoltaig supports the move away from nuclear power. The less the atomic power is used, the easier it is to replace it with alternatives.
  • After paying off your photovoltaic system you are creditworthy by their value.
  • A very important factor is the impact on your environment. A photovoltaic system produces no fumes or disturbing noises.
  • It produces virtually no maintenance costs for your photovoltaic.

How photovoltaics affect your health?

  • Different studies show different results. However hard is one thing: to date, no study could prove a serious threat to health.
  • The harmful substances within the solar cell and the equipment to the highest standards and have to go through time-consuming security checks. This ensures that all toxic substances remain in the unit. Also microchips contain toxic substances and yet use these probably harmless.
  • When installing the photovoltaic system will ensure that their electromagnetic field does not go beyond the biologically allowable benchmarks. So there is no more dangerous than a power poles for living rooms.
  • In a bedroom, which is located under the roof, the photovoltaic system can be beneficial to sleep because it takes away much of the sun's heat in the summer and it is characterized cooler in the bedroom.
  • A burden of health through electrosmog front of the computer or the TV is by the direct rays of these devices quite larger than through a solar system on the roof.
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