Physical love - what is meant

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Physical love - what is meant

In physical love it comes to sex.

"Physical love" primarily means "sex"

  • If anyone of "physical love" speaks, he means in most cases "Sex". "Physical love" but is a very romantic and dreamy nature, to designate the subject, since it does not distract the focus on sexuality, lust and desire, but on sexual articulation of feelings. So the expression of love through sexuality.
  • Often, the term is also used when more specific embodiments are to be avoided, for example, because they are the speaker uncomfortable. So is the "physical love" not necessarily the pure coitus, but in general the topic of sexuality be lived to be understood, with all that that entails.

The concept of physical love can also weaken

  • However, some people go even further. Use "physical love" not only as a synonym for "sex", but set in opposition to categories such as "mental" or "emotional love".
  • In a corresponding model is believed that love can work in a completely sexual level, without that doing additional feelings were involved. Whether these levels, however, are clearly distinguished, or whether one then ever to speak of physical "love" is questionable. Ultimately, this must, however, each decide for themselves.
  • Due to the very vague definition and the different levels of meaning, it is advisable in general not to use the term, but to use such words which are clearly established. In this way, ambiguities can be avoided.
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