Pictures of Joan Miró - how to recognize the stylistic features of the artist

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Pictures of Joan Miró - how to recognize the stylistic features of the artist

Miró is a representative of surrealism. Ulrich_E._K._Schmidt / Pixelio

Joan Miró - his artistic development to Surrealism

  • After a classic commercial training Joan Miró his art studies in 1912 began in Barcelona. His early work was influenced by the Fauvism and Cubism. These works consisted of representational figures, the Miró has constructed of geometric shapes.
  • Bright colors and unexpected combinations of forms dominate the painted mainly in the genre of still life and landscape paintings.
  • About artist friends took Miró 1924 Surrealism and solved all material successively from his paintings. The resulting works are characterized by seemingly random symbols combined.
  • Within three years, the artist painted more than 100 pictures that look gorgeous and manifest its subconscious. He was a poetic painter who both areas - to join in his works sought - art and poetry. Characteristic of this work is the integration of words and sentences.
  • Nevertheless, his approach is fundamentally different from that of his Surrealist colleagues: Joan Miró made to his pictures at many preliminary studies to explore the interplay of colors and shapes. Other Surrealists painted spontaneously and without considerations on the image surface.

Images of Spanish artist - as you suggest recurring stylistic elements

  • Miró's style is very simple, embossed almost childlike. Some symbols are characteristic of his later work and return to his pictures again: red circles, moon and stars, bird figures. Miró made use of in its design language in the basic areas of flora, fauna, the cosmos and man.
  • These forms also came to light in the late phase, beginning in 1940, in his pictures.
  • The symbols used by Miró can often be interpreted as a sign of sexuality and desire. Female and male genitalia are integrated into his paintings in the form of spiders and eyes.
  • The bird often depicted is also a symbol of desire, which looked Miró as the mainspring of his creative potential. If the bird painted in the context of a crescent, it can be read as a reference to Diana, the Roman goddess of childbirth and the moon.
  • Early in his surrealist phase the molds act innocent and cheerful. But like many other artists, was also Joan Miró greatly influenced by its environment and the political events. With the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, lost his images their ease. The pixels are dark and float organic Seeming through the image space.
  • The reduction process became stronger at the end of his life. Miró was limited to a few pixels, so that his works were increasingly monochrome.
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