Pilates with the Thera-Band - exercises

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Pilates with the Thera-Band - exercises

The Thera-Band is used as training equipment for various exercises.

Understanding Training

  • There Thera-bands in different strengths, which are characterized by different colors. Models in orange require the least expenditure of energy, just 1.1 kilograms. In the central area is the blue ribbon, for which you must provide an expense of 2.6 kilograms.
  • For professionals is the golden band. This is of particularly resistant material and requires a force development of 6.4 kilograms. So you can not overwhelm a beginner and educate as Intermediate. Also on the other colors you can find out, for example, on the website Thera-Band.
  • The Pilates exercises should always be done slowly and clean with 15 to 20 repetitions in two or three sentences. Work out two to four times per week.

Arms tight - Pilates exercises for the biceps

  1. You stand on the middle of the band. Her legs are apart about hip width. In the hands holding one end of the strip, which should extend to the hips, without that there is any slack.
  2. Rotate your arms - with the ends in your hands - so that the inner side faces forward. The arms hang parallel to the body.
  3. Drag your forearms toward body to between the upper and lower arms, a 90-degree angle is formed. Make sure that you feel resistance during drawing. In this case, the tape replaced dumbbells.

The Thera-Band for Knackpo

  1. Place the band around your ankles. It may not move if you have both legs standing side by side. Depending on the length and thickness You can also wrap the tool several times. Tie a knot or fix everything with an associated Clipper.
  2. Stand up straight and support your hands on her hips.
  3. Pull one leg slowly backwards, about a 45-degree angle. Then you practice with the other leg.

An exercise for the chest muscles

  1. Sit with your back straight in a chair, a bench or wherever you find just place. Her legs are next to each other firmly on the ground.
  2. The band take in both hands, so that a voltage is generated between the hands. Stretch your hands off shoulder width and just by itself.
  3. Pull apart the tape until you feel a tightening of the chest muscles, and then let loose again. Throughout the exercise, you have to keep your arms in the air, without removing them. Otherwise, your muscles relax between and must be held by the new, which can quickly lead to muscle soreness.
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