Pineapple Carpaccio - so it is possible with fresh pineapple

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Pineapple Carpaccio - so it is possible with fresh pineapple

Pineapple Carpaccio - an unusual recipe idea.

A recipe for delicious pineapple carpaccio

When preparing your Pineapple Carpaccio you should observe the following guidelines. Only then your extraordinary Carpaccio is especially delicious.

  1. For your Carpaccio you need a fresh and very ripe pineapple. Cut the stalk and the green leaves of the yellow fruit with a sharp kitchen knife from you.
  2. Remove also using the kitchen knife the brown shell of the pineapple. Should still be brown spots can be seen on the fruit, remove these.
  3. Cut the sweet fruit now in slices. In the middle of pineapple slices, a brew that you will recognize by its round shape is. Cut this brew from the fruit, because it is tough and not particularly palatable.
  4. Cut the pineapple now in very thin slices. Distribute these pineapple slices then equally among four dessert plates or similar plates.
  5. Now wash the fresh mint leaves. Cut them with a knife into thin strips.
  6. Squeeze out a fresh lime and drizzle the juice over the dished pineapple carpaccio.
  7. Also specify the icing on your sweet Carpaccio. Should be sour pineapple, contrary to expectations, you can of course use a little more icing sugar.
  8. Finally, the carpaccio is topped with the chopped mint leaves.

If you want to enjoy the pineapple carpaccio for dessert, you can serve lemon or lemon sorbet to. You can also your sweet Carpaccio with a shot of white rum refine - of course, only for adults! Enjoy your meal!

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