Pixi Hairstyles - how to find the right one for your type

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Pixi Hairstyles - how to find the right one for your type

A very short Pixi variant.

Hairstyles for smaller faces

  • With an oval face shape you with virtually every conceivable hairstyles. Even a raspelkurzer Pixi cut for no apparent Pony looks fabulous from up to you. Walk into your favorite outfit to the hairdresser and let us advise you which section best fits your look.
  • Do you have a high forehead and a pointed narrow chin? Then you can count on the heart-shaped faces with high cheekbones. Would you like to reduce your high forehead something you can wear a deep side parting or a durchgesträhnten Pony. Slightly longer hair can chin appear less pointed, but a narrow tapering chin is not necessarily a flaw that you have to hide. On the contrary.
  • If your face is oval or rectangular shape which is very elongated, like a long straight bangs to eyebrow height well. Do not wear a dead straight, strict Pixi-section that lets you to strictly act. Plump and frayed contours are soft.

A Pixi Cut is quite well round faces

  • Do you have a round face shape, you can rejoice that you act thus always a bit younger and more girlish. Longer guard hair, volume on top and shorter cut side panels stretch your face a little and look very modern up to you. A few strands at the front part of the top head to your face also a little more height. Asymmetric cuts you are also very good. A pony would make your face appear more broad. Choose rather a deep side parting or high hot rod outer coat.
  • A more edgy and broad chin is soft cut levels that fall full, balanced. Do not wear dead straight hairstyles, but strands that easily fall in the face. Many models have a more oval face shape and look with short hair from clothes.
  • Is your forehead and your chin wide and pronounced, you wear a lot of volume on top and smooth side panels. Do you have curly hair, cut it short and tweak it up or comb it back. This will make your face appear slightly oval. This face shape also have many models and you can take advantage of the wide area quiet by asymmetrical cuts and daring makeup at night.
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