Placement of Marine Biology - so successful Search and apply

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Placement of Marine Biology - so successful Search and apply

Oceanographers research on land and on the water.

The right internship for Biological Oceanography

  • The Department of Marine Biology is an interesting area. Especially if you are interested in sea water flow and lighting conditions as well as the climatic conditions in the ocean and you might want to work as a marine biologist later, you are well advised with an internship.
  • Since moving marine biologist career mostly in research, offer almost exclusively research institutes internships in this field.
  • So the HYDRA Institute for Marine Sciences or the Helmholtz Institute in Geesthacht are good places for internships enthusiasts. The Institute of Oceanography, University of Hamburg, the Senckenberg Research Institute in Wilhelmshaven, the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven and the Centre for Tropical Marine Ecology in Bremen are the contacts for those interested.

It enables an application as an intern for Marine Biology

  • Are you already a student of marine biology, you have it relatively easy with your application for an internship. Since you already possess all the requirements, you should only make sure that you apply to the specific circumstances in the respective institution. So a cover letter for a job as an intern is well designed at the Institute for Tropical Marine Ecology, if it relates to the specific work of the research institute.
  • Would you like to make a student internship, however, it is somewhat more difficult. Especially in the research it is risky to hire inexperienced trainees. Here you have to convince yourself. eg with sentences like "In spite of my inexperience and my young age I have a very high sense of responsibility, a natural curiosity and a irrepressible urge to explore - especially in the field of marine biology. Since I like to be active as a marine biologist later, I would be happy, if I may gain first insights as an intern in your research institute ... '. Sell ​​yourself! Put yourself in the position of hiring managers. How you can help with your job the Research Institute? Explore what makes the institution, and adjust accordingly your resume to. You will see that you will succeed.
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