Plague of frogs in the garden pond - so works pond care

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Plague of frogs in the garden pond - so works pond care

Plague of frogs in the pond!

Maintain pond properly

  • Who complains about a plague of frogs in the pond, provides an exceptional habitat for the croaking amphibians.
  • Only a well-kept garden pond is also a good home for the frogs. Given to periodically rid the pond of algae belongs. Preventive measures, such as the regular removal of leaves or water gewehte organic waste, prevent the appearance of algae. A network that you tighten the autumn on the pond, saves a lot of work.
  • Also, remove the sludge from the pond bottom. The nutrients contained therein constitute an excellent basis for algae.
  • Planting your garden pond with water plants. A garden pond has different planting zones, where appropriate aquatic plants should be placed.
  • Periodically check the water in the nutrient and oxygen content. Special test strips that you will receive in gardening and DIY.

Trouble with the neighbors by the plague of frogs in the garden pond

  • They have a beautiful garden pond and enjoy the croaking of the pond inhabitants. That's fine - as long as the frog population not üüberhandnimmt and leads to trouble with the neighbors.
  • While this may generally not request removal of the frogs, they can show you still make life difficult.
  • First, search is rational discussion with the neighbors. You might also offer to help you resettle a portion of the frog population in a pond. Invite them to a glass of wine. With peace can settle much.
  • If you do not agree, you will have to live with the annoyance of the neighbors by the plague of frogs in your garden pond.
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